About Janie’s Cafe

Our Story

Johnny and Carly met in 2012, in this very café. Johnny had been given the task of training Carly on the toast station. And the rest, as they say, is history. They quickly discovered the many things they had in common, including their loyalty and dedication to the job. Carly moved up to management a few short years later, while Johnny pursued a degree in HVAC services. However, he couldn’t stay away from the café for long.

In 2018, Janie’s Café expanded and Carly asked Johnny to come back as a full-time manager. They spent countless hours learning to handle all the chaos of a busy restaurant. Two short years later, while adapting to the world during a pandemic, they welcomed their first baby girl, Jude.

I wish that I could have breakfast at Janie’s every day. The new location is beautiful and the food is always good. Potato hash keeps us coming back.

New Family Owners, Same Great Experience

In the midst of being new parents and having the responsibility of caring for a new life, Johnny and Carly still had the café. It had always been a place of comfort for them, the only constant in their crazy (but fun) new adventure! In 2022, they welcomed their second baby girl, Hazel. They began to talk about their future and how to best provide for the family they made.

With Tim and Janie getting ready to sell Janie’s Café, the time was right for Johnny and Carly to move up from managers to owners. They plan to run the café the way Tim and Janie taught them, while putting their personal stamp on the business. Janie’s Café has provided so many opportunities for Carly and Johnny, and they are both so excited to carry on the traditions and values Tim and Janie modeled for them.